001 Antong Lucky: From Incarceration to a Life of Activism

Today’s amazing guest is Antong Lucky.

I was deeply moved by Antong’s powerful story of transformation and redemption, going from a life of crime to becoming a practitioner of peace, love and light unto the world, working relentlessly to put an end to violence and build sustainable communities.

His national best-selling memoir, ‘A Redemptive Path Forward: From Incarceration to a Life of Activism,’ is a profoundly moving narrative that chronicles his transformation. It is a testament to his indomitable spirit and relentless dedication to change.

Antong wears many hats – an activist, advocate, and motivational speaker and his focus lies in mentoring Black men and boys, bridging the gap between communities and law enforcement, and devising strategies for criminal justice reform, violence reduction, and reentry initiatives for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Antong currently serves in several roles including:

– President of Urban Specialists

– Co-Chair of the Heal America Movement

– Board Director with Frazier Revitalization Inc. and Stand Together Foundation

– Member of the Circle Ten Council Advisory Board for Boy Scouts of America

I am grateful Antong joined the show to share his profound wisdom and life-changing story with you today.

As you listen to this episode, I hope it sparks a flame within you, inspiring you to rise above any adversity and make a powerful impact in the world.

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