006 Rich Younglord: From Dreams to Reality: A Producer’s Journey to Success in Life & Business

My guest is my amazing friend and creative genius, Rich Younglord.

Rich is a Grammy-nominated Hip Hop & R&B producer and serial entrepreneur. His journey in music started in the 90’s when at just sixteen, he signed with Diddy’s Hitmen Production Team. Rich has produced for artists such as Beyonce, Notorious BIG, DMX, LL Cool J, Faith Evans, New Edition, and so many more.

To expand his reach and impact, Rich partnered with Sound Oracle to create an on-line course called The Producer’s Survival Manual, providing guidance from experienced industry experts, covering both the creative and financial aspects of music production.

My conversation with Rich provides powerful life and business advice that is relevant for everyone, not just music enthusiasts.

Rich shares his journey and insights on:

  • The power of self-belief
  • The importance of dreaming big
  • How passion fuels disciplined action
  • Embracing failure as a part of growth
  • Fun as a key ingredient to success
  • Building lasting relationships

I hope this episode inspires you to DREAM big and pursue your passions with confidence!

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Contact Rich:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/richyounglord

Facebook: https://www.facebook.richardyounglord

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