007 Dirish Shaktidas: Embracing Your Worth: The Path to Healing and Prosperity

My amazing guest on this episode is Dirish Shaktidas.

Dirish is a London-based Yoga, Dance & Energy Expert, Chakra Specialist, Meditation Guide, and Wellness Business Coach serving individuals around the world.

Dirish has over a decade of experience in supporting others in energizing their lives, stepping into their worth and manifesting abundant realities through his transformational one-on-one and group programs and experiences.

Dirish is also the founder of Euphoria Yoga Dance Training, helping wellness professionals become more empowered leaders, teachers and facilitators, and Trailblaze designed for creatives who want to trail blaze their business and begin making the money they deserve.

During our conversation, Dirish shares:

  • The impact childhood trauma at the age of 15 had on his life
  • How Tina Turner and yoga inspired his healing journey
  • How travel can expand your self-identity and open of your mind to limitless possibilities
  • The healing power of dance in liberating your mind, body, and soul
  • The importance of embracing your worth in your personal and professional life

I hope Dirish’s story inspires you to believe that you are worthy and deserving of all you desire.

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