009 Thomas R. Williams: Digging Deep: Discovering Your Depth, Determination, & Destiny Through Adversity

It’s time to D.I.G. – Dive Into your Greatness – with my amazing guest, Thomas R. Williams, who shifted from a game-changer to a life changer.

Thomas was a college athlete at the University of Southern California (USC) where he obtained a degree in Sociology and won 2 National Championships and 3 Rose Bowls with his Trojan football teammates.

He then made a dream a reality, being drafted into the NFL in 2008. In 2012, Thomas experienced a career-ending injury, hanging up his cleats, and making the transition from his passion into living in his purpose.

He now serves as a Professional Speaker, Advisor, NFL Player Engagement Ambassador, Philanthropist, Published Author, and devoted Husband and Father.

During our conversation Thomas shares:

  • How a conversation with God and becoming a new father inspired him to write his 3rd book, DIG: Discover Your Depth, Determination, & Destiny Through Adversity
  • How adversities come to push us forward into our destiny
  • How he embodied, embraced and accepted that his football career was not his life but served as the passion to propel him into his purpose
  • How football and amazing coaches helped him prepare for being successful in life and as a father and husband
  • The daily practices and tools he uses to ensure his self-care and family remain a priority
  • How therapy helped him gain a deeper level of awareness and develop tools to check-in with himself
  • Advice on how men can take better care of themselves mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually through intentionality and discipline
  • The importance of finding the things that light you up and incorporating these things into your daily life
  • Celebrating the “in-between destinations” along our life journey
  • The four key lessons he wants readers to take away from the book

I hope Thomas’ story inspires you to dig deeper into your greatness!

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