010 Susann Michaelis: Breaking Free from Self-Sabotage to Create an Authentically Aligned and Successful Life

In this episode, I dive deep with my amazing guest, Susan Michaelis, who journeyed from the rigorous world of professional athletics to become an influential health scientist and leadership coach.

Originating from Germany, Susan chased her Olympic aspirations at a young age, making numerous sacrifices along the way. However, the intense pressures of elite sports engulfed her, causing her to lose sight of her true self and adopt others’ perceptions of who she ought to be. This tumultuous period led Susan into grappling with two severe burnouts and an eating disorder.

Today, leveraging her background and experience in holistic & mental health, and process management—along with her relentless dedication to enacting positive change, Susann assists individuals around the world in unlocking their full potential by emphasizing holistic wellbeing and aiding them in rediscovering their authentic selves, their core values, and their power to shape their own reality. She also consults organizations in fostering healthy, values-based cultures.

During our time together, Susann shares:

  • Her path to becoming an elite athlete
  • The emergence of her experience with an eating disorder and burnout
  • Her transformative journey of self-discovery, healing, and personal growth
  • Techniques she employs to help individuals and organizations unlock their full potential
  • The importance of aligning with success rather than forcing it
  • Embracing the belief in endless possibilities for one’s life
  • How to consistently choose yourself everyday

I hope Susann’s story inspires you to recognize your inner strength align to your true self and your values to create a life you love!

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