Hi Love! I am Nichole Lee.

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or unfulfilled during life's transitions? I've been there. Let's work together to move you toward a life you love and are excited to live!

life is too short TO not LIVE IT THE FULLEST

My mission is to assist people like you, navigating major life transitions, supporting you through the process while also reminding you that you can and will get through it. You will come out on the other side better than you were before. 

See I’ve been where you are. I’ve experienced several life transitions, however a defining moment arrived in 2018, when mom and best friend died of cancer. Her passing forced me into deep introspection.

I began questioning my existence: Who am I? If tomorrow was my last day, what meaningful impact have I left on the world? Her passing was a stark reminder that life was too fleeting to be spent living a life that wasn’t authentic to who I was or fulfilling in the way I knew was possible.

As a result, I left my lucrative corporate career behind to live a life aligned to who I am and my purpose. 

I want to help you live a life filled with meaning, purpose, and joy. Together, we will journey into rediscovering who you are, healing from past pain you’re carrying, and exploring limitless possibilities for your life.

"Nichole is a coach, healer, spiritual advisor, confidante and much more. She is able to breathe light and life into people. She helped me realize I am the author of my journey, co-creating with God. I experienced immediate results after our first session."- DEREK

Transformational One-On-One Experiences

You have unique experiences, desires, and aspirations. Our time together is about co-creating a plan specifically designed for you.

HALF to full-day IMMERSION sessions


If you’d like to work together, please click the link below to share more about your specific needs. I will be sure to follow up with you within 48 hours regarding next steps in setting up a clarity call with you.