Fulfillment foundation: 60 Day Clarity & Direction Discovery journey

Initiate your journey towards a life you love with this foundational package, designed to provide clarity and direction. Perfect for those feeling stuck or at a crossroads, it offers personalized guidance to help you uncover your true potential and set the stage for transformation.


  • Pre-Session Questionnaire: Before the session, you will complete a personalized questionnaire to share your current challenges and area of focus. I review and connect with your answers to maximize our time together.

  • One 90 Min. Deep Dive Session: Conducted via Zoom – recording provided.

  • Two 30 Min Follow-Up Sessions:  Use within 60 days of your deep dive to gain additional clarity and further flesh out your life plan. 

  • Email Access: Continuous email support for consistent guidance as you continue you your path towards fulfillment.

Fulfillment Advancement: 90 day Personal Transformation & Growth journey

Deepen your journey towards a fulfilling life with tailored sessions that address your unique challenges and aspirations. This package is for those ready to commit deeply to their growth, offering a personalized approach to overcoming obstacles and achieving personal milestones on the path to fulfillment.


  • Pre-Session Questionnaire: Before the session, you will complete a comprehensive questionnaire to identify your goals, challenges, and areas of focus for the day. This ensures the experience is customized to your unique needs.

  • Two customized 60-minute sessions per month to foster growth and address personal challenges.

  • A personalized action plan to navigate life’s obstacles and enhance overall well-being.

  • Custom mindfulness and meditation practices. 

  • One 30-minute energy healing session a month to rebalance and rejuvenate your energetic body.

  • Unlimited email and WhatsApp support for continuous guidance and support.

Ultimate Fulfillment Transformation: customized one year journey

Commit to the ultimate journey of transformation with this comprehensive, year-long program designed to profoundly alter every aspect of your life. Tailored for those who are deeply committed to achieving the highest level of fulfillment, this package offers continuous support, advanced strategies, and a focus on integrating your transformation into a purposeful and joy-filled existence.


  • Pre-Session Questionnaire: You will complete an in-depth questionnaire to gain insights on who you are, past experiences, your current challenges and future dreams and desires.

  • Connection Session: During this session (in-person or Zoom) we will fully align on your goals, needs and ways to co-create your transformation journey.  

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly 1:1 Private Sessions (In-Person of Virtual): Conducted in-person, Zoom, or phone, I provide personalized guidance, healing and support as we work together in helping you transcend your limitations and reach new heights in your life. 

  • Deep dives into advanced practices for living a purposeful life and making intuitively guided decisions.

  • Unlimited WhatsApp and Email Access: You have access to me via WhatsApp and email throughout the duration of our time together, receiving guidance and support between sessions.


If you’d like to work together, please click the link below to share more about your specific needs. I will be sure to follow up with you within 48 hours regarding next steps in setting up a clarity call with you.